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A B2B marketplace is a type of e-commerce platform that brings B2B sellers and buyers together and enables them to do business online in one place. Like its B2C counterpart, companies sell their products (usually in bulk with B2B) and other value-added services, but in a B2B marketplace, the sellers are brands, manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers, and the customers are different companies. These transactions are processed online by the store operator.
Depending on the different types of B2B sales, a B2B marketplace can have other names, including a B2B trading platform, a B2B purchasing or procurement website, a B2B portal, a multi-vendor marketplace, a catalog - and directory B2B and more.
The Meaning of B2B Before we go into detail, let's first take a look at what "B2B" means.
The abbreviation "B2B" simply means "Business to Business". It typically represents a business model in which companies provide services or products to other companies rather than individual consumers. In recent years the term has become synonymous with online commerce and can also be applied to consumer products. , B2B marketing companies and other commercial supply companies.

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